Samstag, 23. Juni 2018

Giganight - The ultimative Pink Floyd Cover Show!

Giganight is a group of renowned professional musicans, who give expression to their love and passion for the nonpareil music of the legendary band Pink Floyd in playing spectacular live concerts.

The difference to many other Pink Floyd cover bands is however, that Giganight does not try to perform the songs as original as possible, which isn’t in fact possible without running playback fragments. All you can hear and see on Giganight concerts is pure live performance without any canned music.

With an immense stagecraft and creative powers, the band gives the music of Pink Floyd their own face. The musicans pump up the songs with new power and suspense without loosing sight of the original.

The concerts of Giganight are a real treat and huge fun!

The members of the Band are:

Robert Collins, Vocals
Paddy Boy, Guitars www.paddy-guitar.de
Tony Liotta, Drums and Percussion www.tony-liotta.com
Sven Rossenbach, Saxophone www.sounddesign.com
Jörg Schmidt, Bass
Jörg 'Shaby' Pelzer, Keyboards and Vocals

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